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Who We Are

We are a non-profit group focused on aiding at-risk Opportunity Youth and the Homeless, too many of whom are our Veterans.

What We Do

We partner with Rescue Missions and other human services groups to aid in the deployment and execution of our purpose through rescue, recovery and reengagement. We work with all facets of the foodservice industry and its many associated disciplines beginning with the highly recognizable discipline of a Chef.

Join Us, Mission Chef Truck

Mission Chef Truck

How We Do It

  • We license the Mission Chefs brand logo to missions across the United States at no cost.  Missions will work with well known chefs in their market to help raise awareness for their Mission. With awareness, resources follow.
  • Summer 2016, working with the American Culinary Federation,  we will launch Missions Chefs Culinary Training Program to “Re-engage” mission residents interested in a culinary career back into the marketplace.
  • We partner with major corporate brands to raise resources for those missions in our national Mission Chefs Network.


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Working with Missions across the US, we FOCUS on the 3R’s:

Rescue – Food acquisition , pantry development, fund raising, promotional event and public relations focused on chef communities in regions across the U.S.

Recovery – Skills development and education by chefs and institutions (restaurants, distributors, food processors, culinary schools, retail sales, etc….) for foodservice skills, aptitude and application certification.

Reengagement – Job placement for the beneficiaries of the skills advancement and enterprise development for the partnered organizations both internally and externally.

The process as outlined allows for all stakeholders to give and receive, thus creating a healthy sustainable relationship that truly brings the homeless and our Veterans back to a productive and fulfilled participant in their community.

Fellowship of the Red SpoonFellowship of the Red Spoon

As part of our execution to the first R (rescue), we fundamentally build and execute a myriad of promotions to create awareness for all of our partners that join Mission Chefs. Both donors and partners to Mission Chefs are called members of “The Fellowship of the Red Spoon”.



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