Celebrity Chefs and New Orleans Mission UNITE for a Cause.

Best Chefs of Louisiana poster
Celebrity Chefs and Mission Chefs from across Louisiana to be honored at the Best Chefs of Louisiana Event April 12th, 2016

Mission Media shines the spotlight on Louisiana’s Best Chefs for a Great Cause!

We live our lives as Pre-K and Post K in New Orleans.  Without out question, aside from the thousands of church groups and volunteers who came to New Orleans to help following Hurricane Katrina, it was our local chef and restaurant community who bootstrapped our city back to life saving New Orleans.

Post – K, we learned how to survive coming together as a community collaborating with others to rebuild.

Today we are collaborating yet again to address a challenge in our city many cities like ours across America are dealing with – homelessness of which too  many are our Veterans. 

How?  Naturally N’Awlines style… 3 important parts:

1.  Mission Chefs, ACF logoWe are throwing a party!  The American Culinary Federation is hosting the Best Chefs of Louisiana.  24 of Louisiana’s best chefs from across the state  will be recognized for their talents.  Funds raised will benefit culinary scholarships and the New Orleans Mission.

Join the party!  Get tickets here.


2. The American Culinary Federation, Mission Chefs and Celebrity Chefs from across Louisiana are lending their voices to help our homeless communities.


3.  Mission Media is capturing the Chefs’ voices. To date, Mission Media has produced over 30 custom videos of our chefs to share via social media. See a sample of videos below.

Why is Mission Media so special for this event?

Mission Chefs Stage with Neal Swidler

Mission Chef Neal Swidler of Broussard’s in the French Quarter to be honored with his peers on April 12th

The local New Orleans Mission does so much more than just feed, clothe, and house people.  They help heal the hearts of those in need through faith and provide real job skills.  The Mission Media program is a ground breaking initiative led by Media Director Steven Scaffidi.   The heartbeat of the Mission Media programs are the  disciples themselves, the folks going through the  re- engagement program: Aaron Wegman serves as Art and IT Director, Devin Black serves as the Photography Director and Editor and Kirk Legrange serves as the Associate Producer and Social Media Director. Collectively, the Mission Media team helps bring the chefs’ voices to life.

To add to the collaborative efforts, Tulane University student MiKayla Sonneborn is leading a team of 15 students leveraging their social media networks to promote the Best Chefs of Louisiana Event.

Lessons Learned

We learned some valuable lessons following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Today we’re putting those lessons learned to use as we come together as a community once again to help those in need.    A special thanks to all of our amazing chefs and restaurateurs.

How Can You Help?  2 ways:  

  1.  Join the Party for some amazing food and to meet the chefs.  Click here.
  2. Share this post.  Share the videos.  Share to help.


Sample Videos

Chef Leon West – President of ACFNO and Executive Chef at The Walnut Room

Chef Susan Spicer – Bayona and Mondo Resteaurants

Chef Ruth Varisco – ACFNO Board and Nunez Community College

Chef Damian Thomas – ACFNO Board

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