Mission Chefs, ACF Embrace the New Orleans Mission’s Gala

Mission Chef Kevin Belton
Mission Chef Kevin Belton of the New Orleans School of Cooking addresses patrons at the New Orleans Mission's Gala - at the National WWII Museum

Over 500 patrons and Veterans fill The National WWII Museum in support of the New Orleans Mission’s Gala.  Mission Chefs, ACF, American Culinary Federation, were on deck to serve.

Mission Chefs, ACF support New Orleans Mission's gala

Mission Chef Kevin Belton addresses the patrons of the New Orleans Mission’s Gala

One thing we understand extremely well in New Orleans is overcoming adversity. Surviving, scraping back with every ounce of energy we have,  persevering and coming out stronger from a crisis like Hurricane Katrina teaches us a few things.  Mission Chefs, ACF understand…

Collaboration is at the top of that list.

Our communities come together 

Churches and volunteer groups  poured in from around the country to lend a hand. And our Chefs led the way to our recovery. Prior to Katrina, we had 700 restaurants. Today we have over 1,400 restaurants in a town of 340,000 people.

The spirit of helping each other is alive and well 10 years later.

Mission Chefs, ACF Chef T Walden

Marine Chef “T” Walden, ACF Sergeant at Arms & Mission Chef honors the Veterans at the Gala

Anyone can drive around our city and look at the street corners and under bridges and recognize their is a huge need as our homeless and Veterans struggle.

Today, Mission Chefs has partnered with the ACF,American Culinary Federation, in New Orleans to support the New Orleans Mission. We just helped with the New Orleans Mission’s annual gala and have a few other events in the works.    And this is the cool part. The New Orleans Mission and Mission Chefs are supporting ACF’s annual Best Chefs of Louisiana Event this coming April.

Once again, we are coming together as community to address the issue.   While the issue is big, our vision for success is bigger. Than means working together. Collaborating.

Is there a need in your community?

Can Mission Chefs help your community? You may not work for a mission, but if you have  heart for helping those in need, you may be able to facilitate Mission Chefs in your city?   Let us know if you see a need in your town. Contact us here.

Do you need an excuse to come to the Big Easy?

Mission Chefs, ACF logoIf you live outside New Orleans, we’ve got a great excuse for you to plan a trip – to enjoy our amazing cuisine from 30 of Louisiana’s top chefs.  If your’e local, well…just think of it as eating in 30 of our best resteaurants in one night:)  See Best Chefs of Louisiana 


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