Mission Chefs Stage at NOWFE Showcases Top Chefs

Chef Travis Johnson on Mission Chefs Stage , Sodexo
District Executive Chef for Tulane and Loyola University & Mission Chef Travis Johnson of Sodexo stirs it up on the Main Stage at the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience

Mission Chefs Stage at NOWFE spotlights local culinary favorites – Top Chefs take Center Stage.

Mission CHefs serve over 3,000 dishes at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Mission Chefs serve over 3,000 servings to foodies @ the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience’s Grand Tastings– love the red spoons…

Celebrating 23 years, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE) showcases top chefs from around the city to create culinary experiences like no other. This year, Mission Chefs had the honor of hosting the main stage for demos. The Mission Chefs stage featured a string of celebrity chefs over the two days of Grand Tastings.

Over two dozen restaurants featured special dining evenings throughout the New Orleans metro area for the festival. During the Grand Tastings, our very own Mission Chefs from the New Orleans Mission served up over 3,000 servings with red spoons. The weekend also featured over 1,000 wines from around the world.

Mission Chefs Stage, Neal Swidler of Broussards in the French Quarter

Mission Chef Neal Swidler of Broussard’s in the French Quarter – Main Stage @ the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

A Good Cause

As chefs stepped onto the Mission Chefs Stage at NOWFE,  all of this was for a good cause helping raise awareness for the New Orleans Mission and to provide funds to non-profits. NOWFE has provided well over one million dollars in donations to food banks, culinary schools, and other food related non profits through the years. Each year, over 10,000 foodies and wine lovers from across the nation join in all the festivities.

New Orleans Wine and Food Festival logoWe love giving visitors a great reason to come to New Orleans. NOWFE is at the TOP of that list. Make your travel plans now for 2016. Visit NOWFE’s website.

If you would like to see Mission Chefs support your local mission, contact us.

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