One Tear = 1000 Words of Hope

Everett at the New Orleans Dream Center

Everett sheds tears after Pastor Fred prays for him…

One Tear = 1000 Words of Hope

There are days when you volunteer and you wonder if you are having an impact.  Today was one of those days.  Then, Everett walked in the front gate of the New Orleans Dream Center, his face filled with despair.

One Saturday a month, the Dream Center hosts a free medical and dental clinic for the homeless community and those in need.  The care is provided in white tents set up right behind the old Jerusalem Temple where the I-10 bridge meets St. Charles Avenue.

With each outreach day, Pastor Fred leads a team of volunteers to “walk the bridge” to minister  the homeless living in makeshift tents and boxes. The team lets them know about the medical outreach and free lunch available to them. Recently, this population of homeless who reside under the adjacent bridge has swelled because of the colder weather.

When Pastor Fred and the team returned to the Dream Center today, one of our volunteers working at the registration table expressed her concern for Everett.

Pastor Fred gathered a group of volunteers to speak with him. Everett was quick to share his extreme pain. He was still recovering from a triple bi pass. He was suffering from sciatica, and his teeth were killing him. He had lost all hope at the age of 62, wishing that God would take him now to put him out of his misery.

Power of prayer seen in just moments

Hearing Everett’s desperation, Pastor Fred led us in prayer for the hope of Jesus and the understanding that God never leaves us in times of trouble or suffering.  Within less than a minute of the prayer, we all watched as Everett’s desolation turned around. The photo above taken immediately following the prayer speaks for itself.

We all walked away today knowing an impact was made today. One of many impacts.

If you have ever considered volunteering, those that do will let you know they walk away blessed.


Visit to learn more about the outreach.

Diane Amos Tears of Hope

Diane Amos, Executive Director or the New Orleans Dream Center, briefs the volunteers on the day’s outreach

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